PHOTOS-GRAPHIA -from the ancient Greek φῶς, phôs, light, and γραφή, graphè, graphe, drawing-, is the name of Laura Ceretti's latest photographic project.
The shots, all taken in the Upper Engadine by Laura Ceretti's drone, capture the lakes in the wintertime when, as they freeze over, they turn into leaden reflective mirrors with dark shades of unimaginable beauty.
The phenomenon of the clashing winds pushes the ice into jagged crystal spines, eerie patches formed by the warm and cold currents and sprinkled with frost that paint white brushstrokes transform the surfaces into veined marble slabs, irregular craquelés, asymmetrical spider webs inflaming the imagination, emotion and magic of interpretation. If the surfaces of the frozen lakes are covered by a light layer of snow, the footprints, trails, signs and drawings left by animals, men, snowkites, form curious writings and magical plots that Ceretti's ephemeral shots, immortalize in the perennial language between man and nature.
The ice cycle ends, like a metaphor for life, with photographs of the thaw: fractures, spots, gashes tell the story of the flowing seasons in the uneven and uninterrupted expression of the purity of creation.