Born in Milan in 1955, Laura works between Milan, Italy and Saint Moritz, in the Engadin Valley.

After getting her diploma at a young age at Politecnico del Design school, Laura began her career in advertising, where she rapidly became a senior executive in charge of graphic design. At that time, modern Italian industrial design was becoming a globally recognized brand and she cut her teeth in a highly stimulating environment.

Her work led to a strong focus on technical and engineering details and on modern publishing technology. At the same time, she never lost her passion for visual arts and worked over the years at the harmonization of those two apparently opposite skills.

Laura is also passionate about alpine nature. Again, her focus on details and passion for mountains led her to publish - both as an author and as curator - several books on some famous alpine passes morphology and human history. She also published a book about her precious collection of rare antique postcards of the Engadin Valley, illustrated with copies and still life compositions.

A second postcard book is in preparation.

Her talent for combining art with technology made another step forward in 2017, when she earns a drone pilot license for UAS Unmanned Aircraft System issued by ENAC (Italian civil aviation body).

It was the birth of a new form of artistic expression, which combines the drone aviation with the high definition photography to capture the nature and its rhythmic seasonal mutations.

Laura transforms the high definition photos into beautiful and unique art prints by creatively doubling and mirroring the original images.

Laura loves calligraphy, collects nibs, straws and Murano glass fishes. She is an outdoor sports enthusiast, she enjoys skiing, swimming and fishing in alpine torrents.

She dislikes hypocrisy; she admires altruism and loves Porsche 356, even if she has never owned one! Laura may not sleep long hours but she has always been very good at dreaming.