Open book

Laura’s parents, both highly rational engineers, were worried by her teenage mood swings and extreme sensibility, and they arranged her to meet a psychoanalyst. She vividly remembers taking Rorschach’s test that at the time already gave strong evidence of creativity and artistic vocation that defined Laura for her entire life. As it turned out later on, it was not an existential malaise to shape Laura’s character; it was fantasy and talent for art.

Creativity and curiosity, her constant companions from childhood to maturity, mark her private and professional life. Since earning her drone pilot license in 2017, Laura has developed a new creative arts project titled "Open Book", by photographing natural landscapes in different seasons.

Book matching is the practice of matching two or more natural materials as wooden boards or marble slabs surfaces, so that the two adjoining surfaces mirror each other. This finishing enhances the beauty of the materials by giving the impression of an open book.

Just as the finish of architectural style, book matching allows traditional materials to produce decor that goes far beyond the simplicity of their individual parts, so does Laura's drone-eye view of natural landscapes: it produces photographic complex and sometimes enigmatic perspectives from simple pastoral images.

This is accomplished through the digital printing of the double and quadruple projections of the landscape captured by camera on the flying drone.

The outcome is a new, elegant and magic artistic expression of an exclusively feminine emotional aesthetic.